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Community Bridge

Apr 27, 2024

You can help win the war against cancer. The earlier it’s detected, the less power it has over you and your community. Yet nearly seven in ten U.S. adults are behind on cancer screenings. Jody Hoyos, CEO, Prevent Cancer Foundation, discusses prevention, early detection, and...

Apr 20, 2024

Is Jesus calling you to reach lost youth living in the American justice system? Karly Wymer, lead for the National Juvenile Justice Ministry of Youth For Christ shares ways you can change their lives with the light of Jesus through mentoring, prayer, and...

Apr 13, 2024

How was the Apostle Paul able to preach the Gospel to courts, kings, and even an emperor? By God’s grace, Paul had political liberties. Brad Dacus - attorney, president, and founder, Pacific Justice Institute - shares how you can freely spread the Gospel with your church and...

Apr 6, 2024

Your IRA or other future retirement funds can be a tool for building God’s kingdom today! Brian Miller, private wealth advisor, The Bahnsen Group, shares how you can use your IRA-required minimum distribution to invest in God's Kingdom and be a faithful steward.