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Community Bridge

Oct 29, 2022

Edward Graham and Jason Kimak from Samaritan’s Purse share updates on the relief efforts taking place to help residents get back on their feet after Hurricane Ian devastated parts of Florida. 

Oct 22, 2022

Building relationships with and mentoring youth who are skeptical of anyone who wants to "be their friend” can be difficult.  Rachel Karman of Young Life One discusses ways to keep vulnerable youth safe and supported in Christ.

Oct 15, 2022

Millions of people suffer from depression, seeking relief from the hopelessness.  Paul Asay from Focus on the Family talks about walking with Christ during times of depression.


Oct 8, 2022

 Homelessness is not just an inner-city problem. It can look different from one community to another.  Candace Gregory of Open Door Mission talks about inviting the homeless into our hearts, churches, and communities. 

Oct 1, 2022

They work tirelessly to serve and care for the many spiritual needs of their congregation.  Brian Kluth of Bless Your Pastor shares how you can show care and support for your pastor and church staff during Bless Your Pastor Appreciation Month