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Community Bridge

Nov 18, 2023

How can you build a stronger life for your family and community? Learn from the “family economy” model of the pilgrims and puritans - including bee keeping, raising chickens, and growing your garden. Hear from Ray Simmons, author and pastor of Ascension Reformed Church in Montgomery County, Iowa, about how you can

Nov 11, 2023

Jesus Christ can change a legacy forever - no matter how broken. Branden Kunath is an American combat veteran and National Programs Director of Mighty Oaks Foundation. Hear his story, and be a part of changing legacies for veterans - lives saved and families restored as they become “mighty oaks” rooted in...

Nov 4, 2023

Are you all set financially for the holidays? Thanksgiving and Christmas are supposed to be times of gratitude and joy—not stress and anxiety. So how can you best plan ahead to enjoy creating memories with your loved ones without the needless worry?

Scott Angelle, former U.S. Bureau of Safety and...