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Community Bridge

Jan 15, 2022

Scripture tells us life is a treasured gift from God.  Best-selling Author, Elizabeth Johnson explains the importance of teaching children that the sanctity of all lives matters.


Jan 8, 2022

Be encouraged by this special “Best of 2021” edition of Community Bridge featuring gems from last year’s Community Bridge episodes on overcoming past suffering, living out the Bible today and facing the future with Godly confidence

Jan 1, 2022

Bible Teacher Alistair Begg shares what is means to be God’s people and living it out in your daily life to help bring revival, restore hope and reunited the church in Christ-centered worship. 

Nov 20, 2021

Ways to reach out and show God’s love to the poor and homeless in your communities during the holidays with Candace Gregory, Open Door Mission and Pastors Joey Tomassoni and David Bempong, Downtown Hope. 

Nov 6, 2021

How can those who are called to love with humility serve those who serve us?  Best-selling Author, Dr. Gary Chapman reveals how you can build strong relationships with others.