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Community Bridge

Feb 26, 2022

Dave Pillow explains how the Video Bible is an incredible way to share the Gospel that allows everyone – young, old, dyslexic, illiterate, disabled – even the healthy – to engage in a deep and meaningful way.


Feb 19, 2022

How can you prepare and seek the safety of higher ground with a strong foundation during a cultural tsunami and turmoil?  Dr. Jim Denison, The Denison Forum talks about a Biblical response and ways you can respond, bringing salt and light to those around you.  


Feb 12, 2022

Adam Holz, Plugged In, shares ways you can protect your family and help them navigate through the materials offered on smartphones, social media platforms and other entertainment venues. 



Feb 5, 2022

Wondering how you can spread salt and light in your community?  Mike Haley, Rezilient Kidz, shares the importance of parents, church and community members getting involved with our children’s education and activities.